The Europas Awards Winners 2014

There is a reason why American investors have started looking at the European market with raising interest. The value that European companies, especially in London and Berlin, are creating means something to them, opportunities. In a continent where people can move from country to country, often with the same currency, Europe becomes the land of […]


Advertising, Can We Live Without?

In 2014, there are still two things that seem to be alive and stronger than ever, email and advertising. No matter what, these two simple concepts that changed the way we communicate and make money online haven’t found a proper innovative alternative to kill them. While email seems to be stronger than ever, even compared […]


The Best Lessons From Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston is one of the funding partners of the seed stage venture firmYCombinator. She is also an author and published the book “Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days” in early 2007, by interviewing several founders, including Steve Wozniak, Mitch Kapor, Ray Ozzie, and Max Levchin. Jessica is probably one of those figures […]


Interview With Matt Clifford From Entrepreneur First

Matt Clifford is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Entrepreneur First, “the UK’s leading programme for aspiring tech founders”. Can you give us the standard profile of the applicants you accept every year? Do you accept non technical people and what skills do you look for in technical applicants? We’re looking for people who can make […]


Interview With Matthew Stafford From Student Upstarts

Matthew Stafford is a co-founder, with Christian Jakenfelds and Nick Wheeler, of StudentUpstarts. Student Upstarts invests up to £15,000 in exchange for up to 8% into student and graduate teams to start and run their own business. Matthew and Christian also co-foundedUpstartsConnect – a co-working space in Kings Cross, London, and Matthew is a co-founder of9others […]