Is Google Bad?

I have been talking about this topic for a while and what I saw is that most of the people don’t realize the growing power of Google. In this particular post I would like to underline and point out several Google’s products that will make the difference in the long run.

How did it start?

Two good minds met at Stanford. They saw the internet in a different way and they tried to collect all the internet’s data on their site. Simple? Well, this could be one of the hardest thing to do. They invented something that was faster and smarter than competitors. At the beginning they received just a first investement of 100,000$ (less than the first Facebook’s investement) and then they moved forward.

What is now ?

  • 2011 Revenue: US $ 37.905 billion
  • 2011 Operating Income: US$ 11.632 billion
  • 2011 Profit: US$ 9.737 billion
  • 2011 Total Assets: US$ 72.574 billion
  • 2011 Total Equity: US$ 58.145 billion
  • 2011 Employees: 32,467

Further Google is number one in the Alexa’s rank. The site has been online for the last 14 years and has received billions of visits. This is cool, but these are just general data that are not able to show us the true power of Google. It is the most used service in the world, it has a great revenue, but what does Google inc. own?

Google Inc. Properties

In order to understand the real power of Google, it is worth to talk about a few products of it.

  • Android

    Android is the most used OS in the mobile market. At the MWC in Barcelona, Google announced that there are 800,000 daily android activations. Nowadays with more than 300 Million Android devices sold, this operating system is everywhere. Android was a new entry just a few years ago, but then with the hard work of Google and with the strong passion of a growing community that wants to make the world more free, it reached easily our homes.

  • Blogger

    Google owns this product as well. Blogger with Tumblr and WordPress is one of the most known blogging platform ever. The strong integration with other Google’s products makes it a must have for a blogger who wants to start small in order to become big.


    There aren’t any words to describe the popularity of this domain name which is at the first place in the Alexa rank. The most remarkable fact is that Google has been able to change people’s minds. The constant use of this great product has made the average internet users think that Google is Internet and Internet is Google. Most of the people I know when they talk about the internet give as a matter of fact that they are already on Google before starting to surf the web. They don’t say “go to google and type this query”, they just say “type this query”.

  • Google Plus

    Although the recent stats about Google Plus aren’t wonderful (4 min per month), Google still owns it. Google plus have changed a sector of the social networks; they tried to unify Twitter and Facebook in one single application. They wrote a good and decent platform, which in the next years will gain a strong position in the social networking world.

  • Adsense

    Adsense has been running on the internet for more than ten years. The majority of Google’s revenues come from this service, making it the most efficent and trustful product for internet advertising.

  • Gmail

    There isn’t much to say about gmail, which has become one of the most used web mail service in the world. Further it is also supported on mobile devices that have made it accessible from everywhere.

  • Chrome

    After seeing the success of Mozilla Firefox in the browsers maket, Google also decided that it was the right time to start playing hard in this field. With this idea in mind they launched Google Chrome. Google Chrome is more than a simple and mere platform, it is a huge application that is able to support external apps and Google’s apps. This browser has pointed out the fact that one day we could probably do everything from the internet instead of using local hard disks. Further with the recently launch of Chrome on Android we expect to see the zenit of the user growth.

  • Youtube

    Here the situation is very similar to what is. They have 800 million unique visitors per month. The community watches about 3B videos every day. The use of this immense product that has had a great impact on the web can be easily compared to the Facebook.

Google Don’t Be Evil

All these points have made Google extraordinary, but they have moved us from the main point, what game are they playing? Google owns and controls a huge part of the internet, should we consider this as a possible threat for our privacy?

Although they are doing a great job, full of passion and love for software, they are not hiding the extreme desire to control all of us. They are constantly buying new products and expanding in new areas. What I am saying is that they are killing the market, there is no competition. If you want to build a product and if Google decides to compete with you, your service will be dead in less than a year (if you are not Facebook).

Further they are collecting a huge amount of data from the plus button and from our daily queries on the service. In the recent months they have also been accused by Twitter, which claimed to be pulled down in the search results by the “plus one” reccomendations. Likewise the introduction of Chrome for Android has showed us that they are capable of memorizing all our navigation history and transfer it into the cloud. Why do they want us move to a world made of clouds without hard disks?

Are they using their own motto against themselves ?

Don’t Be Evil.

It is not easy to see if Google is doing it for the love of Software and Users. However we should be more critical when we see a new entry or a new product in the tech world.
We are not trying to do scaremongering, we just want to analyze the internet’s dots and connections. With this article I hope you finally realized what they are doing and how much they are unique and how much they are a possible threat for us.

Google Is My Friend

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