Interview With Ori Goshen, Cofounder and VP of R&D at Tawkon

Tawkon, the startup for humankind, has been working hard since day one. With the recent release of the fresh living project, whose aim is to improve the way apps have a huge impact on our lives, we have been very lucky to have an email interview, thanks to the great collaboration of Mark Lerner, with Ori Goshen, cofounder and VP of R&D at Tawkon.


How did you guys come up with tawkon?

Gil, Amit and Myself founded tawkon because, in our vast experience in the cellular and wireless space, we found it strange and disturbing that mobile phones which are two way communication devices (receive and transmitting electromagnetic waves), but only have indication of the receiving signal. We see it is a health imperative for people to have the capability of being able to know their radiation exposure radiation from their phones. We saw the opportunity to fill this void with a way to allow people to use their phones in a safe and healthy way.

How does it feel to be part of a project whose aim is having a huge impact on people’s lives?

We really do feel that tawkon is part of something bigger. Making this application has become something more than just a startup, it is our small contribution to making the world a better place. The app is saving thousands of minutes of high exposure to cellphone radiation everyday. We believe that this consumer behavior change and awareness we’re creating will have a huge impact on our collective health and it is great that our product could positively effect so many people out there.

Do you really believe that technology can change the way we live?

It isn’t a matter of what WE believe, it is already a fact that technology has greatly changed the way we live our lives – You just have to look at the adaptation of mobile technologies over the last 15 years. The use of these technologies has grown so quickly, and has become such a huge part of our lives. Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning (well maybe after washing your face etc…)? You go check your email, Facebook and/or Twitter account. This is a huge shift in our every day lives.

Do you think technology will be completely integrated within our lives in the next twenty or thirty years?

We are already seeing this scenario play out, and it is moving at such an incredible pace. I think it is impossible to imagine how integrated technology will be in our lives, but suffice to say that, considering how quickly we have integrated in the last 20 years, that it will be very very significant.

Do you still believe that at some point Tawkon will be in the App Store ?

Currently, we are focusing all our efforts on the Android market. We have really found a welcoming environment there and are glad that we have been so warmly received. However, it is our firm belief that every phone needs to have tawkon. Therefore, we are confident that Apple will have to give their users the freedom to use tawkon eventually.

I personally believe that in order to drive a company and to build a team there should always be a strong mission and aim at the core of the project and I see that Tawkon believes in something, is it easier to keep working while believing in something?

That’s absolutely true. As in any other project you run there are difficult times. Once you are fully confident and believe in what you are doing, it makes things much easier.

What is the best tip to recruit someone? How can you be sure that he believes in what the company wants to achieve in the next years?

Look for the “spark” in their eye.

The Fresh Living Project

How can the fresh living project be disruptive? Is there the possibility to change the world just through mobile apps?

What we see these days is that, although the healthcare system may not be structured in a way that makes most people care about their health, since they don’t usually have to bear the full costs of illness, there has been a growing movement of consumers who want to try and take an active role in maintaining their health. There is big enough market to make such services worthwhile, and its increasingly mainstream. Our mobile phones can be our greatest life coach. They can remind us to eat on time, watch our diets, help us in our exercise, and best of all, they help us measure our progress over time. At tawkon, we believe that health and wellness is a great app category and consumers can make good use of these amazing technologies to live a better, healthier life. That’s the reason we created The Fresh Living Project; we wanted to help people to live better lives through mobile apps, and demonstrate how they can easily adapt those technologies in their daily routines.

Which are the criteria you used in selecting apps for the fresh living project? Did it make a difference being on two platforms instead of a single one?

We chose the apps that we at tawkon like, use the most and found relevant. We’ve reviewed dozens of apps for health related activities (running, training, diet, sleeping, etc.) and took the cream of the crop in terms of reviews, number of downloads, and our own personal experience. The apps we chose were based on these criteria, so whether they were on the app store or Google Play, or both, did not factor in to our decision.

What do we receive if we subscribe to the fresh living project?

The Fresh Living Project is an on going project, we will be adding new apps on a regular basis. We see this project growing into the definitive place for people to discover all types of health and wellness apps, and by subscribing you will be able to get immediate updates on the new additions to this amazing project.

Can anyone be part of the fresh living project?

Absolutely! The whole point of The Fresh Living Project is to be a place that anyone interested can find the apps that can help them live a healthier life. We encourage companies to contact us so we can work together towards this goal.

There are a few startups out there that care about humans and Tawkon is one of them. We hope that the Fresh Living Project can have a huge impact on millions of individuals that every single day use their smartphones. In 2012, Technology can really help us live better lives, making them faster, more efficient and longer. We have never been connected so much before, so we believe this is the right time to make the next step toward a future without diseases and deaths thanks to the strong support of technology.

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