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If you haven’t heard of Chromebooks in 2013, you must have tried very hard to avoid seeing any news of its success. The Chromebook trend has been very dominant this past year, selling a total of 1% of all PCs of 2013.

So, it’s time. Time to begin noticing it. Microsoft have began their anti-chromebook strategy (so it’s become successful enough to get them annoyed) and over 2.5 million units were sold last year, additionally it has been on Amazon’s top seller list for almost a year!

Myself, I’ve been a Chromebook user since 2011.

The Chromebook has been the element of most of my productivity. I was persuaded to start using a Chromebook after I’d seen a Google promotion video and I was shocked at the concept. The ability to eliminate programs, the ability to have less clutter and the ability to just have the web in the experience. I had a very large mind map session with myself. Was I able to use this effectively, what would I be compromising?

It turned out that 95% of my activity was web based and the only additional program I used was Movie Maker software. I found an alternative on the Chromebook and began the risk of starting to use a product that was a little ahead of its time. It has been a blessing to me ever since, The Chromebook has offered such a simple user interface that doesn’t focus on apps on the wallpaper but the search and speed of accessing the web.


Although a Macbook did tempt me, it only tempted me due to style. In October 2012, Chromebooks became beautiful over night, Samsung launched their new Chromebook and it flaunted its sleek design and portable overview. I fell in love and began promoting the Chromebook to everyone! I am in the belief that the Chromebook is the most simple and productive laptop on the market maybe the build quality isn’t 100% but that is something they will work on over time. Overall my experiences with the Chromebook have been awesome.

For those who don’t know what Chromebooks are, they simply eliminate the programs from the computer experience and deliver solely a web browser for you to use. This is beneficial as it allows the user to access the web at almost twice the loading speed and clutter is removed from the computer (eg. inactive programs etc).

Chromebooks have grown so fast for these two main reasons:

  • Price
  • Ease of use An average Chromebook is priced a £200 or $250 which is incredible pricing in comparison to a Macbook (starting at $999 or a good Windows PC – starting from $350). Chromebooks are also ideal for anyone who stays mainly on the web. Although Chromebooks lack that ability to use Microsoft Word or even edit something in detail on Photoshop and the ability to access most of your content without internet, you get a quick and easy user interface attached to an amazing price.So, If you are a web savvy person… You are the one who waits for the internet to load up every time you open your laptop or even want a clutter free experience with not having to worry about a virus or a heavy laptop. Chromebooks are for you.

The Chromebook has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it has made me more aware that everything can be done on the web, Everything can be done from this fast, light and easy to use laptop.Here are a few web based softwares I use to help you get thinking about the change:

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