Live in the future with Chromebook

If you haven’t heard of Chromebooks in 2013, you must have tried very hard to avoid seeing any news of its success. The Chromebook trend has been very dominant this past year, selling a total of 1% of all PCs of 2013. So, it’s time. Time to begin noticing it. Microsoft have began their anti-chromebook […]


Interview With Hector Kolonas, Founder Of Desk&Co

Hector Kolonas is the Founder ofDesk&Co, a company whose aim is to give entrepreneurs and businesses the place, and the space, to grow and to succeed. Who are you? I’m one of those guys who’s always been drawn towards entrepreneurship somehow. My ‘first business’ was selling bespoke mother’s day cards to kids at my brothers’ nursery […]


Edward Snowden Is The Person Of The Year

In 365 days everything can happen. In 2013, we have seen great entrepreneurs making history, interesting marketing campaigns and startups that are innovating day by day. What we haven’t covered till now is that side of the river where the freedom fighters live. I am talking about companies such as Wikileaks and people like Julian […]


The Best Lessons From Steve Jobs

The day has come. We had to feature Steve Jobs in our “The Best Lessons From” and here we are. Steve Jobs is the most remarkable Entrepreneur of the last thirty years. A guy without a degree, with strange and particular interests, who had as a friend a great engineer with who he was able […]


Interview With Ali Jelveh CRO At Protonet

People’s past experiences are what make them who they are, so who are you? I am Ali Jelveh, Chief Revolutionary Officer at Protonet. I have lived in Iran, France and Germany. I have studied physics but quit to go after my software engineering habits. After working for several companies including XING (the German LinkedIn), I […]