Interview With Matt Clifford From Entrepreneur First

Matt Clifford is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Entrepreneur First, “the UK’s leading programme for aspiring tech founders”. Can you give us the standard profile of the applicants you accept every year? Do you accept non technical people and what skills do you look for in technical applicants? We’re looking for people who can make […]


Interview With Matthew Stafford From Student Upstarts

Matthew Stafford is a co-founder, with Christian Jakenfelds and Nick Wheeler, of StudentUpstarts. Student Upstarts invests up to £15,000 in exchange for up to 8% into student and graduate teams to start and run their own business. Matthew and Christian also co-foundedUpstartsConnect – a co-working space in Kings Cross, London, and Matthew is a co-founder of9others […]


Interview With Hector Kolonas, Founder Of Desk&Co

Hector Kolonas is the Founder ofDesk&Co, a company whose aim is to give entrepreneurs and businesses the place, and the space, to grow and to succeed. Who are you? I’m one of those guys who’s always been drawn towards entrepreneurship somehow. My ‘first business’ was selling bespoke mother’s day cards to kids at my brothers’ nursery […]


Interview With Ali Jelveh CRO At Protonet

People’s past experiences are what make them who they are, so who are you? I am Ali Jelveh, Chief Revolutionary Officer at Protonet. I have lived in Iran, France and Germany. I have studied physics but quit to go after my software engineering habits. After working for several companies including XING (the German LinkedIn), I […]