Tawkon, a startup for humankind

Most of us have always feared to use their mobile phones too often. Although we are in 2012, we still don’t know if there are effects behind an exstensive use of our mobile phone. When we keep these devices near our ears, we don’t even think about it. However as many doctors suggest it is always better to keep the device at a distance of at least 1.5 cm off your head, to keep your body safe.

Dozens of documentaries and advertisements have tried to make a point about this problem that will arise in the next fifty years when the nowadays teenegers that use their devices extensively will undergo the effects of a frequent usage over the years. Governments and companies have never said anything about the dangers of mobile phones and have always tried to shut down the rumors who claimed the problems and the issues about them.

Further, although we know we have to keep our mobile at a precise distance, we usually forget about this little detail, which in a busy day can be easily ignored. We believe this is a problem and we are glad to say that there are people like us who care about humankind as much as we do.

Tawkon, a visionary startup, is trying to solve this problem in the easiest way possible. It runs just on Android and it works on background. Before we start calling or receiving a call, Tawkon sends us a notification with the aim to let us know if the level of the radiations is high. If that it is the case, the app advices us to use headphones or the speaker in order to keep away off our head from the mobile.

This simple and fast process is divided in three phases: collect, analyze and alert. By extracting data from our phones and collecting it, Tawkon is then able to analyze it and see whether the radiation output is low or high; when the final calculation has been completed, a small window alerts us. The process is curt, but the result is astonishing.

Moreover if you sign up for Tawkon’s weekly email digest, you will receive a detailed transcript of how much you talked during the week and how much you have been exposed to radiations. Tawkon can be an easy reminder and a good friend to keep us safe. We believe they have done a great work and we think their mission is vital for what we will be in the next years.

By connecting multiple phones to the app, you can, at the end of the week, monitor the activity of your family. You can easily know if your daughter or son has faced an high level of radiations or if your brother has called too much without using the right precautions. Further you can compare your level of exposure to the average level of the community that uses Tawkon.

For this reason, Tawkon is not a product for costumers, but a product for humankind. The innovation and the technology that we are producing in these years are enabling us to preserve and cure what we are. This is just a little example of how technology can improve the way we live.

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