Will Highlight survive?

After using and reading about this interesting application that is available on iOS, we thought it was the right time to see it in depth in order to understand if it is going to fail.

What Is Highlight?

As many people have reported the valley is under the Highlight fever. This tiny and simple app is going to be a must have for your iPhone. It has been developed just for iOS with the aim of building something new and exclusive. However if things keep going well, it will probably be available on Android as soon as possible, given the fact that there are currently 300M Android devices.

How It Works

The principle behind this app is pretty simple. In order to use it you need to login with your Facebook profile, letting the application use your Facebook data. After logging in you just need to activate the app and wait for push notifications. Instead of waiting for your checkins, Highlight tracks your position wherever you are. When a Facebook’s friend or an individual that has something in common with you is nearby, it shows you a notification. Simple? Yeah, this is why it is so interesting. The app is pretty well customized. As a user, you can update your status and track every single person that you meet.

Is It Going To Survive?

Well, although the app is pretty cool, there have beee rumors about the success and the failure of it. The negative aspect is that it tracks every single step that you do during the day and the only way not to be tracked is by deactivating the application.

Most of us think that people are not ready for this kind of social experience. They don’t want to be tracked wherever they go. Further they can checkin through foursquare and facebook, letting their friends know where they are without showing their current position with third parties.

However Highlight could be a great way to improve what Facebook removed, physical interactions between people. Nowadays it seems that there is no more need to call your friends or meet them physically, because you can contact them in a faster and easy way through Facebook. However thanks to highlight, you can meet your friends and new interesting people at any time of your life, with the result of having an unexpected social experience.

In the same way Highlight works as an agenda of your social interactions; the software is able to save all the people that were around you in a precise time of your life, so the user can remember and track people he met at a conference, at a party and in any place he was.

One thing that someone could argue is that it is not interesting to know which people are nearby you. That’s the idea behind the app and that’s the reason why it is so cool. Why can’t I say “hi” to an old friend who I haven’t met in years and that is right behind me? Without an app such as highlight I would never know it and I would lose this terrific occasion.

A Failure? No, this is not the right time to make a prediction. What we see is a different way to be social and that is what people are looking for. After eight years on Facebook it starts to be boring and annoying. Now it is time to try something new and interesting.

Highlight is a killer app, you just need to realize it.

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